Buddy System: Understanding Male Friendships

October 22, 2015
Hosted by Dr. Suzanne B. Phillips

In this show, Dr. Greif invites listeners to learn about men and male friendships from the hundreds of men and women he has interviewed. His findings dispel the myth that men don’t need or want friends or that they need wives or girlfriends to find them friends. Dr. Greif will describe some consistent patterns that reflect the types of relationships men have across their lifespan and address the questions men themselves have asked and answered about friendship: Do I have have enough close friends? How do you juggle friends with marriage and kids? What is the meaning of friendship? Do I just let go of friends when things stop working out? Dr.Greif will make clear the interesting differences in the way men and women have friendships. This is a show both men and women will find very interesting.


Posted on December 13, 2015 and filed under Relationships.